I just finished this course on Material Behavior on Coursera and I can say that it was a great experience. If you want to freshen up on your materials knowledge or you are currently studying this and want a different perspective, I recommend you take this course.

The course is offered by Georgia Tech and it is taught by Thomas H. Sanders, Jr. (Regents Professor). I have to be honest: although the course is full of information, it might seem rather slow and boring sometimes and if you do not pay attention or even write down the important topics, it will be hard to pass the tests at the end of every week. The course goes through the most important aspects of materials like atomic structure, crystalline structure, defects etc.

We all know that these massive online open courses are sometimes just marketing schemes for unknown universities from around the world that do not offer a lot of value. This course is not like that, and everyone that will make it through to the sixth week will have a deeper knowledge of materials.

The student effort is listed at about 2 hours and 30 minutes for most weeks, and I have to say that was not enough for me, I guess for someone new to the material behavior, this course might well take up 4 or 5 hours a week with a little internet search on different topics mentioned by the professor.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this course and I found it to be one of the best open courses floating around on the internet.

Material Behavior – Georgia Institute of Technology

Materials Science

Material Behavior – Georgia Institute of Technology on Coursera

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