I want to start a series of daily CAD Challenges for the beginners in the field of design engineering. For each new challenge I will supply the 3D model in STEP format and also the drawing as PDF. Today we will start with a basic model that I created in Fusion 360.

The sketch is the first building block of every 3D model. Let’s start with a simple sketch that we can extrude/pad for 20mm to obtain our model, and while we learn how to do that, adding some holes in the same sketch should not be that difficult. The outer radii could be added inside the same sketch or afterwards as fillets, your choice.

I will provide Google Drive and DropBox links for each challenge. Good luck!

Google Drive – CAD Challenge of the Day #001

Dropbox – CAD Challenge of the Day #001

CAD Challenge of the Day #001 – Beginner

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